The most massive sport`s event in Serbia


Belgrade marathon

Aleksandar Đorđević joined the “Belgrade Marathon” late in 2004, and as of 2005 he has been its president. The “Belgrade Marathon” has been held since 1988 and it is the largest sports event in Serbia.

“It is a great privilege to preside the Marathon, which is not only an event of exceptional importance for the city of Belgrade and for Serbia, but also a manifestation that enjoys great reputation in the world of athletics. It is our goal that the Marathon continue to grow, to attract more and more top runners and also to send out a positive picture of Belgrade and Serbia.” In the course of the the first 30 years, over one million runners took part in the Belgrade Marathon. It has been promoted by some of the biggest names in world athletics, such as Bob Beamon, Emil Zatopek, Patrik Sjberg, Lasse Viren, Sergey Bubka, Majk Powell, Marlen Oti, Carl Lewis, Javijer Sotomayor, Wilson Kipketer, Kevin Jang, Roza Mota...

Fred Lebow, founder of “New York Marathon” made a special contribution to the development of “Belgrade Marathon”.


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